Sacrum Perfume

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Sacrum Perfume

Sacrum is an authentic experience of one’s own spirituality and sensuality.

Sacrum means finding a delight, having a romantic and sophisticated conversations. It completes the day when you want to feel your spirit, feel sensual and attractive. That’s right, Sacrum is the right choice for tête-à-tête meetings and hushed voices speaking important words out loud.

The Sacrum fragrance - like a church bell - rings out with frankincense. From the very first moments you can smell an empty, old church and an absolute silence. After a while you are lifted by spirits, it is like you have had an inspiring meeting with a philosopher whose library seats 5,000 years old manuscripts. Then, the fragrance gets even warmer revealing the scent of vanilla, softness of resin and the exoticism of sandalwood tree.

Sacrum is a niche fragrance, but not a pretentious one. Strong but not gaudy. Individual. It carries you to inaccessible places. It remains on the skin and in your memory. But the thing which makes Sacrum a unique phenomenon in the world of perfumes is the way it evokes sensual excitement in those who become enwrapped with it. To put it simply, it is for women and men.

Ps. Each bottle is unique as the cork features a striped black onyx adorned manually - each stone is unique.

Fragrance group: Oriental note - Ambergris
Head note: Anise, Dianthus, Cinnamon
Heart note: Frankincense, Patchouli, Damask rose
Base note: Resin, Vanilla, Sandalwood tree

Capacity: 50ml 

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