Złoty Pieprz Perfume

53,00 €

Złoty Pieprz Perfume

What a fragrance! What a class! What a style! An elegant woman cannot do without this fragrance during an evening outing with sophisticated entourage.

Head note: spice and aldehyde note; Ylang-Ylang, Jamaica pepper.
Heart note: spice and floral note; Ceylon cinnamon, Turkish roses, peach, dianthus, Egyptian jasmine.
Depth note: balsamic note; Madagascar vanilla, Indonesian patchouli, Somalian frankincense, Ambergris, musk.

What is characteristic of the Złoty Pieprz fragrance are the oriental and floral notes. It is definitely the most characteristic among the Synesis fragrances. It draws attention of women who value luxury and comfort.

Capacity: 100ml 

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