Maciej Szczęsny Perfume

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Maciej Szczęsny Perfume

This unique fragrance created by SYNESIS is a product signed by Maciej Szczęsny. In 2009 we were the first company to create perfume for men signed by a sports star.

The development of the fragrance took over a year. Maciej Szczęsny was directly involved in the creation of the fragrance and worked with the SYNESIS perfumers in a laboratory in Grasse. Each of the dozens of samples was prepared by the perfumer in accordance with the suggestions and ideas of Maciej Szczęsny.

The composition includes, among others: black pepper, vanilla, grapefruit, sandalwood tree, cedar tree, rosewood tree, vetyver, amber, mimosa.

The bottle has been adorned according to the project of Janusz Kaniewski (Kaniewski Haute Design) who ranks among the greatest new generation designers in the world.

Head note: citrus and spice note
Mint, Indian black pepper, Argentinian grapefruit.
Heart note: wood note
Texas cedar, three types of precious trees, Indian sandalwood tree, Guaiacum, Haiti vetyver.
Depta note: amber and floral note
Amber, French moss, white musk, Moroccan mimosa.

Capacity: 100ml

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