Od Świtu do Zmierzchu Perfume

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Od Świtu do Zmierzchu Perfume

Od Świtu do Zmierzchu (From Dawn till Dusk) is a delicate fragrance for men with a floral note.
As the name itself suggests, it is perfect from dawn till dusk. You can use it during the day, for work, as well as for a social encounter with friends. The composition emphasizes the quality which women adore in men - sensitivity. It is sometimes used by women who like masculine notes.

Head note: spice and fresh note
Rose fruit, Sicilian lemon, Sri Lankan cinnamon, Calabrian citrus bergamot
Heart note: floral and wood note
Texas cedar, three types of precious trees, lily of the valley.
Depth note: musk note
White musk.

Capacity: 100ml

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