Subtilis Perfume

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Subtilis Perfume

Subtilis is a fragrance inspired by present-day masculinity. Subtle, sensual and dynamic at the same time. For Him, but for Her, as well.
For a starter, a head note. Brisk and sour lime on the leaves of Petitgrain orange plant with a slightly bitter scent of grapefruit and a pinch of piper nigrum at the bottom.
Then, a bold heart note leads you along a pine path to unexplored magnificent woods, 500 years old cedar trees, eternally green sandalwood trees to allow you a little bit of rest on a clearing rich with peonies, and completes the journey with musk backwoods, oceanic whirlpool of ambergris and sea moss.

Subtilis is for men who are hungry for adventure.

Head note: Citrus note: Lime, Petitgrain, Black pepper, Grapefruit,
Heart note: Wood note: Cedar tree, Sandalwood tree, Balsam spruce, Peony
Base note: Musk note: White musk, Sea moss, Ambergris

Capacity: 50ml 

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